Highlights of the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame

From radio memorabilia to radio Hall-of-Famers enshrined on plaques, the museum is a noteworthy destination when planning your visit to LaGrange and Troup County.

In 1922, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed the first radio station in Georgia — the popular and well-known WSB in Atlanta. Nearly a century later, we are now appreciating the legacy of Georgia radio at the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame, located in the historic Hillside neighborhood of LaGrange, Georgia.

Background And History of Georgia Radio

To really appreciate the history, check out the timeline of radio stations licensed from 1922 to 1941. In that timeframe, 29 new stations started broadcasting in Georgia, lending to the boom in a new form of entertainment, news and technology. You’ll recognize many radio stations that are still in operation today with familiar call letters, like WMAZ in Macon and WRBL in Columbus.

(Did you know that most radio stations east of the Mississippi River begin with the letter ‘W’ and those west begin with the letter ‘K’? Back in 1912, that’s how the FCC decided to divvy up the call letters.)

Impressive Collection of Vintage Tube-Style Radios

You don’t want to miss the impressive collection of tube-style radios on display. These vintage radios are highly sought after by collectors who appreciate the history of each, but also the styling of each model. From art deco to machine age inspired designs, the collection at the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame features radio models from classic American manufacturers like Philco, Crosley, Silvertone, RCA, Delco and Zenith. Make sure to find the Model 4130-D, Dahlberg Pillow Speaker dating to 1955 – this unique radio model was designed to mount upside down on a bed frame as to enjoy broadcasts from the comfort of your pillow!

Replica 1940s Radio Control Room

Complete with period-correct turntables, sound monitors, Associated Press news tickers, playback turntable and more, the reconstructed radio control room is a nod to the golden age of radio where disc jockeys carefully read the news, spun records and organized a smooth broadcast for listeners to enjoy. Most of the equipment on display is from local AM station WTRP in LaGrange, Georgia with the turntables being the same ones that introduced new music to the area, most notably The Beatles in the early 1960s.

The microphone on display hails from Tupelo, Mississippi, and is supposedly the same microphone that was used to interview the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!

Locate Georgia Radio Legends In The Hall Of Fame

An impressive collection of radio legends are honored at the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame. From big name Georgia radio personalities like Neal Boortz, Clark Howard and Captain Herb Emory, to sports broadcasting legends like Larry Munson, Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Wieren, you’re likely to recognize some of the names featured.

Use the touchscreen locator to search and find those individuals who helped shape the history of Georgia radio in a significant way.

You don’t have to be a radio buff to appreciate the hard work of engineers, producers and on-air personalities as well as the advances in broadcast technology that brought radio into the homes of millions of Georgians. When in LaGrange, Georgia discover these highlights of the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame.

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