Maintain Your Distance By Getting Outdoors

Fight off cabin fever and explore our city all while protecting your health and the health of others.

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After just a few days of social distancing, you’re probably already feeling the effects. The inside of your home doesn’t have quite the same appeal as being outdoors in nature. Luckily, being outside doesn’t mean being around people. You can maintain a safe distance from others while enjoying mother nature’s handiwork.


Thanks to West Point Lake and the abundance of pine trees surrounding it, LaGrange is a hot spot for a variety of bird species. Osprey, goldfinches, bald eagles and woodpeckers are just a few on the ever-growing list of birds that frequently visit or call our area home. Spring is an especially good time to look for eagles as they are known to nest and hunt during warmer weather. Throughout March and April, you may even catch a glimpse of warblers heading north to their nesting grounds.

Image by Copper Knot @copper.knot_nipple.tickler

There are numerous lake access points around our city where you can sit and enjoy nature and look for birds and other wildlife. We encourage you to dig up those old binoculars and view our Birdwatching Guide for more information about these unique creatures. If you’re feeling anxious about leaving your home, remember that this activity can be done from the safety of your yard or even your car! For more information on birdwatching in our area, check out our Birdwatching Guide!

Image by Copper Knot, @copper.knot_nipple.tickler

Fishing on West Point Lake

If you live in the South, you probably have a fishing pole and an old tackle box in the corner of your garage, and if you don’t, we’re willing to bet your neighbor does! This leisure activity has always been a great way to pass time, disconnect and even fill your tummy. With one of the best southern lakes in our backyard, there’s no excuse for keeping your distance!

West Point Lake draws anglers from all over the U.S. for its selection of bass, crappie, catfish, stripers and more. To fish from the lakeshore, visit McGee Bridge Park. Bathrooms and public areas are closed to the public but you can still access the lake. If you prefer casting out from a boat, The Yellow Jacket boat ramp is a popular put-in and there’s plenty of good fishing in that area. Whether you’re dropping crumbs by one of our public docks or casing out from the middle of the lake, you’ll enjoy the thrill of fishing.

Watching the Sun Rise and Set 

You’ll find no better peace than watching the sunrise and set in LaGrange. Pack a picnic and a blanket and enjoy gentle laps of water by the lakeshore. At many lake access points, you’ll be accompanied by a flock of ducks and an occasional splash from a bass leaping into the air. Need some company? Load up your canines and be prepared to play fetch for hours on end. 

If you’re visiting for the sunset, plan to stick around and stargaze. It takes about 40 minutes after the sun goes down before the stars really begin to glisten. As long as the sky is clear of clouds, you can easily spot constellations! 

Image by Darren Ingram, @filmedbydarren

While being around people may not be permissible at this time, birds and fish are never off limits! Use this period of constant change as an opportunity to rest, relax and appreciate our city’s bountiful wildlife and natural resources. If you’re looking for more ways to keep your mind and body busy, learn how to Explore LaGrange While Keeping Your Distance.

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