Explore LaGrange While Keeping Your Distance

Keep your mind and body active while social distancing with these fun, safe and entertaining ways to explore LaGrange.

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Social distancing doesn’t have to equal a Netflix marathon. In fact, staying active and looking ahead is one of the best ways to stay positive during this unique time. While visiting many restaurants and attractions is off limits right now, there are still plenty of ways to virtually explore and stay active while keeping your distance from others. Here’s where to start!

Plan A Future Vacation

Vacation planning takes time. While you’re sitting at home avoiding crowds, put together an itinerary for LaGrange. With a variety of tools at your fingertips, you can create a day by day or hour by hour plan for your visit. The Things-To-Do and Food & Drink pages on our website list many attractions, parks, tours and restaurants worth visiting in the coming weeks.

From legendary establishments like Charlie Joseph’s to unique eateries like Beacon Brewing Co., there are endless options for food and drink lovers. Dine around the world with Italian, Mediterranean, Asian and American restaurants featuring upscale, casual and “somewhere in between” atmosphere. Doing this research may cause some serious cravings and lucky for you, many of these restaurants are offering delivery and drive up orders.

Attractions like Hills & Dales Estate and the Biblical History Center take you back in time and around the world. Carve out time to visit these family-friendly sites once social distancing is no longer a roadblock.

Get To Know Your City

LaGrange has a rich history filled with unique stories of leaders, industrialists and remarkable women. Many of these legends like Horace King and Fuller E. Callaway are closely tied to the once-thriving textile industry. The impacts these men and women had on LaGrange are still visible around the community today and knowing their stories makes spending time here even more special.

If railroads and architecture interest you, take a dive into LaGrange and Troup County’s interesting railroad heritage. While the existing train tracks that are still in use travel the same path as long-ago trains, few other signs remain of this integral part of our local story.


On the other hand, remnants of the textile industry are scattered heavily throughout the town. Arriving in the late 1840s were grist, flour and sawmills. Over the years, many of those were converted into cotton and linen mills. Troup Factory, LaGrange Calumet Mills, Dixie Cotton Mills, and the Elm City Plant are no longer operating but some of them are still standing. Learn more in the article, The Textile Mills That Formed Troup County. 

If you’re itching to get out of the house, a visit to the Callaway Monument in the historic Hillside neighborhood is an option. The wide open lawn allows for ample space between visitors. Pack a picnic lunch, or order a to-go meal from a local restaurant and soak up the sun as you reflect on LaGrange’s history.

Become Your Own Tour Guide

Become your own tour guide with the Historic LaGrange Walking Tour App. Using your phone, navigate through downtown making stops along the way. Videos explain the story behind each destination and an interactive map will help you keep track of your path. This unique walking tour provides a great way to keep moving while minimizing your contact with others.

If you prefer to stay indoors, you’ll still enjoy watching these educational videos and swiping through old and new photos of historic downtown buildings.

Avoiding crowds provides you with ample time to plan a vacation, learn about the history of our city or do a little exploring on your own. Don’t let your adventure cravings be quenched over the next few weeks, instead use this time as an opportunity to rest, explore and learn about your hometown! 

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