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Strange LaGrange Walking Tour


Ghosts, Legends & Spirited History

Southerners have always been known as great storytellers. So, when you combine this treasured art form with a dose of folklore, small town secrets and things that go bump in the night, you know you’re in for a treat. This is what you get on the Strange LaGrange Walking Tour. Led by the gregarious Southern spirit guide and docent Lewis Powell, it’s a combination haunt jaunt, history lesson and an overall great way to get to know the city, up close and personal.

You’ll journey down Main Street into the heart of town and past the site of a murder on the square back in 1896. You’ll also learn about possible paranormal activity at the LaGrange Art Museum, which started out as the county jail in the 1890s. That’s a bit spooky unto itself! 

City Hall has also seen lots of strange activity over the years. (Yes, insert your own joke about government here.) But is it haunted? Just try to explain away the footsteps, voices, crashing mirrors and elevators going up and down on their own. Hmmm.

Another interesting stop is LaGrange College, where you’ll see Smith Hall, Hawkes Hall and the chapel. Did you know that the chapel includes a stone from the temple of Apollo in Greece as well as stones from a Benedictine Monastery in Scotland and St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, England? 

You just might hear about one of the many reported UFO sightings in the area. Did you know that on Halloween night in 1986, there was even a UFO/pickup truck collision? A city worker claimed his truck had light damage from a saucer about 15 feet in diameter. As it turns out, this area sits on a bed of granite, quartz, mica and other metamorphic rock. Add in a thick canopy of pines and it all supposedly makes LaGrange a very attractive setting for alien visitors. Since the nearest FAA radar facilities are in Atlanta and Columbus, UFOs can “fly under the radar,” using the forests and hills to mask their entry. 

The tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Bellevue, a national historic landmark that may or may not be haunted by its former owners. Pay close attention to the scents wafting through the air. The nose knows!

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts or UFOs, you’re guaranteed to learn something interesting about the town’s history along the way – and log more than 5,000 steps on your Fitbit as you go. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water. The tour starts on the sidewalk in front of the archives building. It’s appropriate for all ages and the route is paved so it’s easily accessible. Call ahead if you have any concerns. It’s best to get tickets in advance on Eventbrite.



136 Main Street
LaGrange, Georgia 30240


7 PM - 10 PM

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Free Street Parking


Strange LaGrange Walking Tour Tips

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a water bottle
  • Rain or shine event so bring an umbrella in case of rain
  • No need to worry, these stories/legends are parent-approved and kid-friendly

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