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Wild Animal Safari


Located just south of LaGrange in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Wild Animal Safari features an array of wildlife from all over the world. Get up close and personal with over 550 animals and 70 different species while driving through the 500-acre park. Load up the family on a rented zebra van or drive your personal vehicle on a winding trail through the park, while enjoying the encounters of numerous exotic animals.

When you purchase your tickets, you can also purchase bags of grass pellets for the animals. As you drive through the park, animals will flock to your vehicle with their appetites wide open. After finishing the drive-through portion of the park, discover more animals in a self-guided walk. This allows you to see birds, reptiles and other animals in a zoo-like setting.



1300 Oak Grove Road
Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822


Mon - Sun
10 AM - 6 PM

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Free Parking


Wild Animal Safari Tips

  • Discount available for military personnel and their families
  • These animals are wild, don't risk scratching your new wheels, rent a zebra van for the drive through portion of the park
  • Purchase one bag of food per two people, it goes fast
  • Great for small and large groups
  • Food available at the park

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